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Bubbles O'Seven #5 - The Girl in the Golden Cage


To many in the know, MI7's SpIWIT programme may appear an abject failure; only one of their many test subjects a success, now he has been trusted to rounding up those gone rogue. With three of those subjects missing, presumed dead, and only one safely returned and under the control of MI7 once again, Bubbles' forced and fragile loyalty is now being called into question.

He has one more mission to prove himself. Can he bring in Mr. Milton and Mr. Keynes and maintain the status quo? Is Bubbles himself still to be trusted? Or will MI7's puppeteers be forced to take drastic measures to ensure he does not stray from his designated mission?

Welcome to Thailand. Nice to see you and enjoy your garland of bullets.

Writer: Grainne McEntee
Artist: Wilfling
Lettering: Michael Stock
Cover: Giulia D'Orso