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Bubbles O'Seven #4 - You Only Swing Twice


The attempt by the revived MI7 to create animals capable of “enemy” infiltration and spying on persons of interests on foreign soil who might pose a threat to national security, was a disaster. All the animals on the SpIWIT (Species Intelligence Weapon Integrated Taskforce) programme escaped, with the exception of one who chose to remain.

Specimen 511, Bubbles O’Seven - considered the one success from the experimental procedure - is now in the employ of MI7, tasked with rounding up the rogue animal agents before they themselves do more harm than good.

So far, Bubbles has only successfully retrieved Mr Fluffy, currently being held under high-level security at an undisclosed MI7 location. Dr. O and Gareth the Gorilla are missing (presumed dead).

The eastern promises of Japan now beckon our simian sleuth, teaming up with the one and only Toots Malloy to bring to heel, The Snow King.

You Only Swing Twice was successfully funded on Kickstarter in November 2017, and released April 2018.

Writer: Grainne McEntee
Artist: Phil Buckenham
Lettering: Michael Stock
Cover: Matt Rooke